Authors:米歇尔·福柯 (Michel Foucault), 米歇尔·福柯 (Michel Foucault),
Publisher: 生活·读书·新知三联书店
Keywords: 规训与惩罚
Number of Pages: 377
Published: 2007-04-01
List price: $24.00
ISBN-10: 7108017946
ISBN-13: 9787108017949

  本书旨在论述关于现代灵魂与一种新的审判权力之间相互关系的历史,论述现行的科学—法律综合体的系谱。在这种综合体中,惩罚权力获得了自身的基础、证明和规则,扩大了自己的效应,并且用这种综合体掩饰自己超常的独特性。  ……如果这意味着写一部关于现在的历史,那才是我的兴趣所在。——福柯  在我这一代对我们的时代进行诊断的哲学家圈子里,福柯是对时代精神影响最持久的。——哈贝马斯  《规训与惩罚》是法国著名

Author: Maria Treben
Publisher: Ennsthaler
Keywords: gesundheit, kruterbuch, dem, aus, der, gottes, apotheke, mit, heilerfolgen, heilerfolge, treben, briefe, und, von, berichte, maria
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2004-08
List price: $13.70
ISBN-10: 3850680827
ISBN-13: 9783850680820

Author: John Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: chemistry, primers, oxford, synthesis, acid, peptide, amino
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2002-08-01
List price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0199257388
ISBN-13: 9780199257386

This is a thoroughly updated edition of one of the best selling titles in the Oxford Chemistry Primer series. John Jones provides an excellent, easy to read introduction to amino acid and peptide synthesis aimed at second and final year students. The text begins with a brief survey of the role and diversity of amino acids, peptides, and proteins in nature, and goes on to describe and explain the principal methods of chemical synthesis. With its emphasis on chemical principles and strategies rather than detailed technical matters, the book will be essential reading for all students of chemistry

Author: Brian Wicker
Publisher: Eerdmans Pub Co
Keywords: war, peace, studying
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 1994-08
List price: $16.00
ISBN-10: 0802808239
ISBN-13: 9780802808233

Author: Martin Heidenreich
Publisher: Campus Verlag
Keywords: der, bundesdeutschen, bekleidungsindustrie, zukunft, arbeit, und, franzsischen, betrieblichen, strukturwandels, beispiel, nationale, muster
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 1990-01-01
List price: $29.65
ISBN-10: 3593342758
ISBN-13: 9783593342757

Author: Jürgen Sieben
Publisher: Galileo Computing
Keywords: galileo, computing, handbuch, umfassende, sql, das, oracle
Number of Pages: 881
Published: 2010-08-28
List price: $69.90
ISBN-10: 3836214520
ISBN-13: 9783836214520

Authors:Tom Angleberg, V&R,
Publisher: Lectorum Pubns (Juv)
Keywords: origami, yoda, spanish, book, caso, extrao
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 2013-11-15
List price: $12.99
ISBN-10: 9876125044
ISBN-13: 9789876125048

Dwight is a little eccentric and that drives Tommy, who sits next to him at lunch, nuts. Dwight is fantastic at origami, though, and he has created the most amazing Yoda that he wears on his finger. It appears that this creation can tell the future! Tommy wants to know why this Yoda is so smart. He must find out before he asks it for some advice on girls…
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